Schemes in English

अंग्रेजी में योजनाएं

To achieve its aims and objects the Akademi is presently running the following Schemes

Traditional Folk Art Festivals
With the aim of encouraging folk performing artistes and bringing their performing styles to public, the Akademi organizes folk music festivals, Lokanuranjan fairs, Gair Dance Festivals and cultural evenings at various places in the State through out the year

Divisional Folk Art Festival
Akademi has planned to organise folk festival at the divisional head quarters. This year the proposed festival are to be organised at Bikaner and Udaipur. This will help to provide dice to a number of artists pertaining to the peculiar traditions in the divisions.

In addition, the Lokanuranjan fair, a festival highlighting a variety of folk music and other arts, is proposed to be held in the specious campus of the Town Hall at Jodhpur.
Inter State Cultural Exchange
This scheme is conducted by Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi. The broad objective of the scheme is to create opportunities by which people from different parts of India get to know more about each other’s performing arts and culture catalyzing the emotional and cultural troupes of Rajasthan performing arts to other States and receives troupes from other States to arrange their shows through out the State.

Folk Theatre Festival
This scheme brings various folk theatre styles that need patronage and preservation to the public viewing in an annually organised Folk Theatre Festival. Kuchamani Khyal, Chidavi Khyal, Turra-Kalangi, Nautanki are some of the popular folk theatre styles that draw rural audiences for entertainment

Dway Sambhagiya drama festival
The present festival being organised at three divisional head quarters aims to provide more opportunities for Directors/actors. During the festival, 12 plays would be staged at three Headquarters and on the basis of the report of the supervisors / jury, selected dramas will be staged at Om Shivpuri Memorial Drama Festival.

Om Shivpuri Memorial Drama Festival
Commemorating the renowned theatre personality of Rajasthan, Om Shivpuri who made a mark both on the stage and the tinsel world of silver screen, Akademi organises a Drama Festival every year (Opening on 16th of October, Om Shivpuri’s Death Anniversary). This five day long Drama Festival is an annual feature. Performances of the plays selected at State and National Level are each followed by discussions on various aspects of theatre. These discussion termed Rangsamvad have since gained a reputation in depth deliberations on theatrical criticism.

Rajasthani Drama Festival
Akademi organises every year Rajasthani Drama Festival along with Rangsamvad separately for Rajasthani plays to encourage development of Rajasthani Theatre. Selected plays are included in the festival at different venues in the state.

Monthly Theatre
With a view to encourage theatre activities and provide more opportunities for theatrical performances, monthly theatre performances scheme is introduced at Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaipur : while in Ajmer by-monthly theatrical performance will be organized in collaboration with local institutes devoted to the art of drama.

Youth Drama Festival
This scheme has been specially designed to encourage young theatre directors, actors and theatre workers. Annually the Youth Drama Festival is organised for young directors in the 25-30 age group in which State wide participation is ensured.

Classical Music and Dance Festival
Akademi’s prestigious Classical Music and Dance festival presents nationally and internationally acclaimed artistes to the audiences of the State. Connoisseurs of Dance and Music get an opportunity to see the best available artistes performing on the Stage. Apart from festival, music & dance concerts are also organised.

Light / Devotional Music concerts
The Akademi organises Light/Devotional music concerts at various places in Rajasthan specially on the occasion of fairs.

Monthly music concerts / Lecture cum demonstration
The present scheme aims to organise monthly concerts / Lecture cum demonstrations at divisional Headquarters, namely Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner and Kota. The scheme intends to create awareness and educate musically the common man. It also provides ample opportunities for state and National level artists.

Concerts of Young Artistes in Dance and MusicYoung exponents of Music and Dance are invited by the Akademi to present special concerts every year at different venues in the State.

Scholarships are awarded for higher studies in the field of Classical vocal and instrumental music, and Kathak dance. For this purpose applications are invited in the month of April/May and the scholarship is awarded after screening the applicants who are bona fide resident of Rajasthan and come under age group of 18 to 33. The amount of Scholarship is Rs. 500/-, 1000/- and 1500/- for local, within Rajasthan and out of Rajasthan training respectively.

Fellowships and Awards / Yuva & Bal Puruskar
On recommendation of cultural institutions and artists of repute, the Akademi acknowledges the meritorious services of the established artists of Rajasthan who have richly contributed to the field of music, dance and drama by honoring them with cash awards, certificate of merit and shawl etc; besides these awards the Akademi conferes Yuva Purshkar and Bal Purshkar to the meritorious upcoming talents of the State.

Welfare Scheme for disabled artises
To provide Financial assistance to the disabled artists and their dependents an Artist Assistance Fund has been established. For the present the Akademi is providing Rs 1000/-per month or Rs.10,000/-. lump sum annually to the needy artistes or their needy dependents who cannot earn their livelihood. The Akademi is building an Artists welfare fund set up with a grant of Rs. 1 crore received from the Chief Minister of the State. The Akademi welcomes contribution and assistance to this fund.

Publication of quarterly journal Rangyog is a regular scheme; in addition, the Akademi, financially assists the authors who desire to publish their work relating to performing arts.

Financial Assistance/Grant-in-aid
The Akademi provides financial Assistance Grant-in-aid to different registered cultural organizations and institutions in organizing training camps or performance of the drama.

Training Camps
Under its training scheme the Akademi organises training camps for Kathak dance, theatre, thread puppet marionettes, manufacturing of folk instruments, theatre clinic, children theatre etc.

Survey and research Scheme
under this Scheme, the Akademi has put-up a lot off efforts in conducting survey work in rural areas and to a considerable extent, such efforts have proved fruit ful; such survey schemes mainly aim at recording the folk art traditions which are preserved in oral traditions only. Thus recorded material of immense value is preserved in sound library of the Akademi which in the times to come, will surely help to researchers, akin to the study of folk art and literture.

Affiliation to Cultural Institutions
Institutions working in the field of Music, Dance, Drama and folk art in Rajasthan who help to achieve the aims of the Akademi by performing art, operating training, conservation and development of various performing arts are given affiliation which gives them recognition, participation and financial assistance.